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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  August 24, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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>> reporter: four people suffer very serious injuries after a car plows in to them at a bus stop. that story is straight ahead. >> reporter: good afternoon. i'm jade hernandez. we're live in walnut creek, where bay area residents are dealing with the heatwave. we'll explain how they're coping -- coming up. why top law enforcement officials around the region including the new u.s. attorney are meeting at the oakland zoo at this hour. details ahead on the ktvu channel 2 news at noon. [ this broadcast captioned by erin c. mc clure ]
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good afternoon. we begin this noontime with an out of control car hitting five pedestrians this morning in san francisco. it happened near a bus stop at san bruno and arleta avenue, just off bayshore and visitation valley. calsal castanedo is there to explain what happened. good afternoon, sal. >> reporter: the accident happened right behind me where the bus stop is. four people are said to be in very serious condition following that collision. flis say a 24-year-old woman was driving an suv, lost control of her car and plowed into five people standing in front of the bus stop, the bus stop we just saw. police say the people were in the shade because of the hot temperatures. firefighters arrived quickly on the scene and notified hospitals to expect trauma patients. >> we had five injuries as a result of this accident. four people were transported
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with loiftion life-threatening injuries. one person was transported with non-life-threatening injuries. the police department is investigating this thoroughly. but at this point it just appears it was a tragic accident. >> reporter: now, some investigators still remain on the scene. police say the tow will be impounded -- the vehicle will be impounded and it will be checked for mechanical difficulties. >> she was driving southbound, she experienced some difficulty with the vehicle. she lost control of the vehicle, it crossed over the lanes, struck five people. >> reporter: several muni buss were stacked up until about an hour ago. they let them go. right now, the bus, the number nine and number eight are being rerouted.
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police are still here, at least some of them are, continuing their investigate. sal castanedo. ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, sal. after record-cool temperatures for much of the summer we're finally experiencing a real warmup over the whole bay area today. there is a heat advisory in place. it's also another spare the air day. ktvu's jade lrs is in the east -- jade hernandez is in the east bay to see how people are coping with the heat. but we begin with our chief meteorologist, steve paulson. tori, it will 80s and 90s. the fog is lurkingoff shore. it still has a ways to go. but napa, hayward airport have wind at 5 miles an hour. it won't make much of an impact today. it's sunnyside up. no fog out there. the beach temperatures are fantastic. temperatures have been warming up fast. we do have the heat advisories as tori touched on.
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hottest day will be today, highs, 80 to 105. coast 80s to inland, 100. right thousand out there. can you see that fog coming up. it's very shallow but i think by tomorrow. it will be here. san francisco is 86. we'll go for 90. and then i think that sea breeze will kick in later on. if you need to go to the beach, do it today. by tomorrow, i think the fog comes back. we have 90s in santa cruz. it will be in the 70s and middle 80s. warm today, hot today. we'll have more on this coming up. but let's get to jade hernandez in walnut creek. i think it's about 90 there? >> reporter: that's right. in the shade, it's 90. if you have to be outside, the pool is the place to be. i dipped my feet in the pool today. we traveled to several cities today and those cities are anticipating 100-plus degree
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temperatures. a fountain caught the attention of this 19-month-old. >> this is the way it's supposed to be from july until now. this is normal. >> reporter: in a few hours, they are headed indoors away from the heat. the temperature here is expected to rise to 107 degrees. on the other hand, these girls took a break from their ride in to town and plan to spend the day by the water. >> i figure it's gonna get too hot. 11:00, 12:00. >> we decided to get up early. >> reporter: over at president pleasanton school, the coach called practice early. the players took frequent breaks and enjoyed their last free day before school starts tomorrow. >> it just cools us down, it doesn't get us all tired in the morning more. it helps us just, like, work
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harder. >> reporter: for those of you who can't avoid activities outside today, here are a few signs of dehydration so you won't get into trouble. if you feel dizzy, your mouth is dry and sticky and you lose the urge, get in the shade, a heat advisory is also in effect this afternoon. reporting live from walnut creek, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, thank you, jade. vallejo police are looking for a suspect in the fatal shooting of a long-time resident this morning. investigators responded to a call about gunfire just before 6:00 a.m. at a home in the 200 block of woodrow avenue. when they arrived, they found the body of corey dunn inside a detached garage. he was a man in his 30s and a father. police believe he was staying with someone at the home who lives there. a suspect was seen running from the area and and jumping into a
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van. it was another violent night in oakland. police are searching for suspects in two homicides. one in west oakland. the other downtown. police say a man was killed outside a t-mobile store on broadway street last night. police say the man was shot two times following a heated argument with another man. he died hours later at hoekd's highland hospital. 90 minutes after that shooting, police were called to the scene of another deadly shooting at eddie and 34th near the macarthur maze. officers found a man shot in the head. he died at the scene. investigators do not believe the two killings are connected. with all of the violence overnight, it seems very timely that there is a crime summit going on today. kraig debro joins us with more on what's being discussed there. good afternoon, kraig. >> reporter: good afternoon. two-day gang summit at the oakland zoo.
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it came just hours after two people were shot and killed in oakland. were you talking about that a second -- you were talking about na a talk -- talking about that a second ago. one of two homicides last night in the city. many top law enforcement officials in the region are attending. the u.s. attorney for northern california, the relatively new alameda district attorney and they were all there pledging to work together to reduce gang violence. >> i read the story in "the oakland tribune" about chanise laying in her bed, a bullet came through the wall and killed her. >> reporter: she's one of the homicide victims this year. this is a good start but not enough. the idea is to share programs
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at this summit and use them. the government's gang violence prevention chief says oakland is the most dangerous city in the state. >> oakland has the highest homicide rate among california's largest cities. >> reporter: among small earl city, salinas is next. last year the city and monterey county began working with federal and state law enforcement. that collaboration what i be responsibility for a -- that clab lation will be responsible -- >> we bring the various agencies together to exchange information and better coordinate the attacking of the gang problem. >> reporter: it's not just law enforcement. >> we follow or try to get in
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the middle of the retaliation. you can count on pretty much the retaliation factor. >> reporter: he estimates that 80% or 90% of the homicides in oakland are motivated by violence. >> in a modern contemporary city there's no excuse for the amount of lives brought in this city. that's what brought me here. that's what i ask of you today. that's what i implore you to come together in clab rakes to help us do a better job. >> reporter: it's too early to say what collaborative efforts will come out of this summit but in salinas they've had some success. tonight the city council is set to vote to give the mayor permission to rent an office space that will house federal law enforcement agencies. the cost is $13,000. the tab is being picked up by the fbi and a grant. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2
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news. >> thank you, kraig. in santa barbara two adults and a child are confirmed dead after a gravel truck smashed into their home. neighbors say there may have been a second child in their home. search crews are looking through the rubble for that child. the highway patrol is looking into the cause. it's believed the truck's brakes fald. the truck driver was -- failed. the truck driver was treated for facial injuries at the scene. kids today found roaming cities could have a problem. officials say an estimated 100 kids cut school on an average school day. under the new curfew plan, kids will be ticketed and taken to drop-off points where they will be supervised and counseled. the truancy ticket also requires the student and his or her legal guardian to attend a court hearing. >> there is a lot of excuses
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going on that are not in school. there are some that are not enrolled and some just don't want to be there. >> people skip school because they have stuff to do or they smoke or hang out. it won't just be one person skipping school. it will be a whole group of them. >> police found 425 kids who were not in school when they should have been. california will not be receiving money in the seaxd round to in the race to the -- in the federal grant being issued. more bad news for california school districts and counties, governor schwarzenegger along with the state controller and treasurer
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say they will delay $3 million in payments. california's budget is now 55 days late as the debate continues over how to close a $- - a $19 billion budget deficit deficit. sacramento investigators say $200 million worth of methamphetamine and cocaine seized from a gilroy home last week. the sacramento county sheriff's department laid out some of the 637-pounds of drug found at the home last thursday. police say the bust broke up one of the largest mexican drug cartel operations in the country. they say it took over a year to infiltrate the drug ring which is run out of sacramento with operations in modesto and gilroy. gilroy was the price. this was the primary stashhouse for the resources in sacramento, mode and other
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areas. to be honest with you, we got it extremely lucky. these organizations are all over the place out there. this much dope is running around out there to this day. eight mexican nationals were arrested. we want to check back in with our meteorologist, steve paulson, for a look at today's hot weather and the longer forecast. >> all right. thank you. just checking in right now. san francisco on downtown -- san francisco downtown is 88. it wasn't that long ago, 89 in 2003. santa rosa/sonoma county airport is 94. san jose is 91. it doesn't show up there but livermore and concord is 96 degrees. that 76 at sfo, how is that possible? when they get a northeast wind it goes over water. that's a little bit of a cooler breeze. but for everyone else it's warm to hot. a little bit of haze off in the distance. some fog is coming out -- well, it's off the coast. it's out there. it will be in here tomorrow. there's already a little tough of a sea breeze.
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hayward is reporting one. oakland as a little bit of a west wind. santa rosa and napa say south at 5. that's usually a cooler direction. it will probably lose out and be in effect tomorrow. sunny, coast, bay, inland, 89 to 100. it will be a hot one. we will be in record-setting ceremony. 892003 -- 89 2003. santa rosa needs to get to 103. the record is 102. mountain view, 86. i think they are 89 right now. 2003 they were 93 and san jose needs to check in at 100. they should have no be problem. they are already at 91. 94 napa/santa rosa. that napa is closer to town. san francisco, 88. oakland berkeley, 86. livermore/concord, 96. there is your 91 in san jose. 83 in reno. 94 sacramento. 60s and 70s up and down the
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coast. that's 66 eureka. that's a heatwave there. palm springs at 112 degrees. high pressure is here today and then about half of tomorrow but this system right there, right there. that's on top. it will start to make its presence felt along the coast tomorrow. for everybody thursday and friday, a huge drop in the temperatures as we get to the weekend. heat advisory is out. record highs as you just saw possible. temperatures 80s by the coast. i do plan to see the sea breeze kick out at 1:00. the five-day shows sunny, warm to hot temperatures today, with the fog coming bag on the coast tomorrow and then it really will cool down as we head to the weekend. we could have trials in the 70s. >> okay. thank you. a trial is underway in napa for a retired presbyterian minister for officiating same- sex marriage ceremonies.
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reverend jane sparr performed marriage ceremonies in 2008, when same-sex marriage was legal in california. the church allows reverends to bless unions as long as they are not called marriage. >> nobody is second class. what it is we're doing is the -- with the church, we're them, they are us. we're in everybody's family, we're in everybody's faith community. i think it gives us an opportunity to say do not define us. we will define ourselves. the child could lead to the reverend being rebuked. the trial is expected to be -- to last several days. we are gating more information about a plane crash in china with dozens of fatalities and survivors. the henin airlines plane
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overshot the runway and burst into planes. the latest update says there were 91 people on board and that 42 people were killed. the others were rescued. most of the survivors had broken bones. some were being treated for burns and three people are in critical condition. many scientists say they are not surprised about the current egg recall. they've been calling for better ways to protect consumers for a while. apparently only half of the fda scientists surveyed before the salmonella outbreak have confidence in the safety of eggs. many of the scientists at the fda who are responsible for monitoring the safety of eggs across the country don't have full confidence in the oergs's ability to adequately protect consumers. that information was released as the investigation continues into the exact cause of the contamination. >> companies were selling eggs under almost 30 brands.
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it puts a burden on consumers that because have you to look on the internet, look at the companies, to see what you can find. >> there are new regulations in place that include routine informations of egg farms and require importants that egg produce with more than 3,000 hens take measures to prevent the spread of salmonella. scientists with the fda say more needs to be done to keep consumers safe, including allowing the agency to order recalls. as it stands now, companies have to list the recall and it's voluntary. over a dozen states are going after san francisco-based craigslist. demanding craigslist removes the adult services section. they say the website cannot block ads. letters were being sent saying
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the company is not filtering out those adds that promote prostitution and child trafficking. coming up -- the out of control car that injured several people in san francisco. more
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stocks falling again today after another disappointing
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report on the housing market. we'll have more on that in a moment. that's renewed worries bts economy. now, the dow did briefly dip below 10,000 earlier this morning. that happened for the first time in seven weeks. it's down by much -- by as much as 183 points. investors are seeking refuge, sending interest rates lower. right now the dow is down 91 at 10,082. now, the numbers released this morning by the national association of realtors show the sale of existing homes plummeted last month. july's sales fell by more than 27% to the lowest level in 15 years. one reason the market is hurting, buyers and sellers appear to be in a standoff over home prices. some sellers have unrealistic expectationing and are listing properties on the high end but buyers are afraid home prices will start falling after being flat nationally for about a
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year. a new report on home sales is due out tomorrow. coffee drinkers may soon be paying more at the stores for their favorite beverage. several years of heavy rains during the columbian coffee growing season has meant smaller harvests and that means companies are paying more. shoppers should see coffee prices go up 50 cents a pound in stores by thanksgiving. but they say coffee shops like petes -- like pete's and starbucks are likely to absorb the increase. we're -- we'd like to update the brans in san francisco where an out of contl hit five pedestrians. it happened around 9:30 this morning near a bus stop at san bruno and arleta avenues, that's near bayshore of whethers. police say a 24-year-old woman driving ad for exer floor lost control of the vehicle and
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plowed into the bus stop. four victims are said to be in very serious condition. the suv has been impounded and will be checked for mechanical problems. more birds infected with west nile virus are been found around the one -- around the area. experts say now with the hotter weather means more mosquitoes and that could mean more west nile cases. governor schwarzenegger will make the final decision on whether television commercials designed to promote california must be made in california. the state senate passed the bill in an effort to boost jobs. it would only apply to taxpayer funded productions. the legislation is in response by the happy cows campaign. this was actually shot in new zealand. the bill now goes to the governor. a santa cruz man is now past the halfway park an an
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ambitious swim off the coast. he set off from santa cruz earlier this morning. he's swimming almost 25 miles to monterey bay. he's doing this to highlight the morns of national marin, sanctuaries and ocean health. he had to call off the swim last year because of jellyfish. we just got an update from his sister who said he was stung again but has put on a web suit at his wife's -- wife -- wife's urging and is going strocket -- strongts. he's expected to finish the swim by 4:00. it's hot and once again the air is bad. what you can do to help, and how people are beating the heat today? we have live team coverage. that story and more coming up in our next newscast, ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. thanks for watching. have a great day.
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